Building Services

The nature of effective quality management involves identifying root causes of problems and taking proactive steps to prevent quality problems before they occur. At Columbia Property Trust, we believe the critical ingredients of quality management include a strong corrective action and preventative action process, consistency and an attitude of caring.

Columbia Property Trust has maintenance staff on duty during normal business hours Monday-Friday.


The property is staffed to provide necessary preventive maintenance required to keep the mechanical systems of the building in top operational condition, as well as to address day-to-day problems as they occur.

All requests for repairs or service, such as light bulbs out, broken door locks, waste bins, temperature adjustments and key replacements, should be directed to the maintenance request web site denoted at the back of this Tenant Handbook. After hours emergency calls should be directed to the after-hours number at (202)-737-0562. Routine calls placed after hours will be addressed the next business day, emergency calls will be dispatched immediately.

Additional Services

From time-to-time tenants may require additional services not provided for in their lease agreement. Should you require this type of service, our maintenance staff would be happy to assist you for a fee. Jobs scheduled after normal business hours will be charged at an overtime rate. Please contact the Property Management Office for current pricing for these services.

Should you require an outside contractor, Property Management will be happy to provide you with a list of approved contractors.

HVAC Systems

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) are typically provided Monday through Friday from 8:00am through 8:00pm; and Saturday 9:00am through 5:00pm, exclusive of building holidays.

The engineering staff oversees HVAC operations and is available to respond to your service requests for hot or cold calls. Please visit the maintenance request website located in the Tenant Services section.

After-hours and holiday HVAC services are available at an additional cost or as stated in your Lease. The additional cost is to offset the building's increased electricity usage and other costs, as required by your lease.

We request 48-hour advance notice for overtime HVAC requests. Overtime HVAC requests should be made through the maintenance request website.

Custodial Services

General office cleaning is typically provided in the evenings beginning at 10:30pm Monday through Friday, except holidays. A day porter is available during normal office hours to maintain public areas and restrooms and assist in special requests. 


Market Square participates in a single-stream recycling program. Recyclable items include office paper, junk mail, newspapers, cardboard, plastic, aluminum and glass beverage containers. This program requires a commitment from the tenants, management, cleaning contractor and trash remover. Separation of recyclable materials is the responsibility of the tenants, and when recycling containers are filled, the cleaning contractor will remove their contents.

Trash Removal

Your lease provides for removal of normal office trash, either through nightly office cleaning or through the recycling program. Disposal of non-typical office trash, including office equipment, furniture, filing cabinets, packaging materials, etc. is the responsibility of the tenants. Please feel free to contact Property Management for assistance in removal of unusual trash items.

Please be reminded that rubbish or discarded equipment must be disposed of properly. Rubbish or discarded equipment should not be stored in elevators, corridors or stairwells, for even short periods of time. Doing so is a violation of fire codes and building regulations.

Building Holidays

During building holidays, the HVAC and all other building services may not be available except at tenants' prior request and expense. For a list of the buildings holidays contact the Property Management Office.

Loading Dock & Deliveries

In order to adequately protect our elevators, all tenant relocations and special deliveries are to be coordinated through Property Management so that appropriate steps are taken to protect floor and wall finishes and the elevator interior.

The freight elevator is available during normal business hours for deliveries. Delivery personnel must adhere to procedures requiring advance notice to reserve the loading dock.