Building Access for Tenants

Market Square features electronic perimeter access control systems monitored by a third party monitoring system. During secure hours, tenants have access to the garages and building entrances through the access control system, giving them 24-hour access to the building.

Tenants and visitors may enter the buildings after business hours by using the lobby entrance doors equipped with access control readers or through the use of the Security Telephone.

Simply place your key in the reader or pick up the specialized direct connect phone: all authorized cards and authorized guests will be permitted to access the building. The automatic system records the card number and the time of access.

Building staff are not authorized to unlock individual office suites unless authorized to do so in advance, in writing. If you are expecting service personnel but will not be at your office to receive them, notify Property Management in writing of the scheduled activity.

Entry keys for tenant suites are provided by Property Management at the time of move-in. Additional keys may be issued for a nominal charge. If you are locked out of your office, contact Property Management (proper authorization will be necessary prior to allowing access to the space).

Unless otherwise stated in your Lease, Tenants are responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of all tenant access control equipment and access card administration for all tenant staff, visitors and other authorized personnel.